Were it not for the 3D  -- a concept I am yet to be sold on in any medium -- it would appear that Study Group head honcho Zack Soto gazed into the musty abyss that is my head-space and fashioned the new Study Group anthology accordingly. At 96 pages, it contains comics by some of the artists I'm most excited by right now: Connor Willumsen, Sophie Franz, Mia Schwartz, Benjamin Urkowitz, Pete Toms, David KingJulia Gfrorer & Sean T. Collins, and more.

In addition to those, it boasts a heady array of comics journalism: an interview with Ron Wimberly, an essay on the use of color and texture in Wimberly’s Prince Of Cats by Sarah Horrocks, a profile of comics critic/advocate/editor/publisher Ryan Sands by Rob Clough, and an essay on Rob Schrab & Dan Harmon’s Scud: The Disposable Assassin by Sean Witzke, as well as a comics adaptation of an essay by William S. Burroughs, by James Romberger.

Co-edited by Milo George, the magazine comes complete with 3D glasses, while the special 3D section is comprised of 19 pages of articles and comics in full-color and classic-red/blue anaglyph 3D, including a history/commentary on stereoscopic art, an essay by everyone's favorite comic critic Joe McCulloch on Le Dernier Cri’s own 3D anthology, 3DC; a short interview with Kim Deitch about Mr. Zone and 3D, by Chris Duffy, featuring never-before-published 3D material from Deitch’s There’s No Business Like Show Business; and even a piece written by Alan Moore (amongst others)- in the form of a tribute to Ray Zone. You can pout your 3D glasses to use when pouring over the comics by Chris Cilla, Kim Deitch, Jason Little, Malachi Ward and Dan Zettwoch.

And yes, I realize this sounds like a gushing advertisement, and I don't really care -- I'm just very glad to see a publication that aims to do something a little different, and bring together genuinely interesting up-and coming cartoonists with exceptional writing on the medium itself.


David King
Connor Willumsen
Mia Schwartz

Sophie Franz
Trevor Alixopulos



Study Group Magazine 3D is available for pre-order now.