We live in politically charged times, and it seems that more people are finding their voice and speaking out about the very many negative aspects of modern politics and politicians. If you have someone in your life that seeks to shake up the system and speak truth to power, we've assembled a holiday gift guide packed with comics perfect for the dissident in you life.

The titles in this gift guide are split into three separate categories. The first section focuses on American or Western-focused non-fiction that has relevance to the current state of the world. Titles like The Influencing Machine and March don't just tell us about how things were, or how they got to be that way; they give us the tools to prepare ourselves and hopefully to fight to make things better.

The second section focuses on historical fiction; memoirs and graphic journalism, with titles like Joe Sacco's Palestine, which paved the way for works such as Marvel Comics' recent digital release Madaya MomJason LutesBerlin: City of Stones uses the Nazis' rise to power as a backdrop to very personal and intimate stories of ordinary people living between two World Wars.

The last section is more fantastical and colorful, but no less important, as titles like Prez show how bizarre and beyond satire our everyday lives have become, by taking fixtures of modern politics and ramping them up to eleven.

Fiction can be a great escape, but it can also show us truths of our world, and comics is a medium ideally suited for these types of stories.

The links on this list lead to sites like Amazon and Comixology, but we strongly suggest that you support local comic shops and book shops wherever possible. Supporting local businesses helps your local economy and your local comics community. If you’re not sure where the nearest comic store is, type your zip code or postal code into this website and find one close to you. These stores will appreciate your business, perhaps as much as the person you’re buying for will appreciate these gifts.


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