As a reader with some semblance of self-restraint, I usually try to hold back before committing to the idea of a new comic series - That is, when Brian Azzarello and Rags Morales aren't involved.

Sporting key terms like "pulp-y, neo-noir and hard-boiled" and starring characters like Doc Savage, The Spirit and Batman, DC's upcoming "First Wave" series pretty much has my number and I'm at peace with that.

DC's not stopping there, though. According to The Source, April will see of two heroes spinning out of the main "First Wave" series with titles all their own.

"Doc Savage" #1 will be written by Paul Malmont with art by Howard Porter and covers by J.G. Jones and John Cassaday while "The Spirit" #1 will be handled by writer Mark Schultz and artist Mortitat with covers by LADRÖNN.

Both series will include special co-features as well. Doc Savage's title is slated to include a "Justice Inc." co-feature by Jason Starr and Scott Hampton and The Spirit will contain a co-feature by a rotating cast of creators, beginning with Dennis O'Neil and Bill Sienkiewicz.

My only real concern is whether there'll possibly be enough crime in the First Wave universe for characters like these to sock in the jaw. It's a tall order, but I'm fairly confident these creators can deliver in that regard.

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