In our recurring original art feature, writer Chris Sims and artist Rusty Shackles carry on the noble comic book tradition of the imaginary story by bringing you the Best Comics Ever that don't actually exist! This week, we take one of our favorite properties... to the x-treme!!

X-Treme Herbie #1 (1992)

Story: Chris Sims

Art: Rus Shackfeld

This ain't your grandpa's Fat Fury! Almost 25 years since his last appearance, Herbie Popnecker is back with an x-treme attitude for the '90s! Once he was the "little fat nothing," but now, gifted with cutting edge nanokinetic cyber-implants that allow him to jack into his sentient gun, Bloodkiller, and loaded up with pouches full of lollipops (including hard-to-find cinnamon), he's back for revenge in our grittiest title yet. Limited to only five million copies, each issue is polybagged bagged with an exclusive holofoil X-Treme Herbie X-Kard! Reserve your copies now, but don't be surprised if you're limited to 17 per customer!

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