Here at ComicsAlliance, we have often written of our continuing fascination with the '90s Boom, that gilded era of pouches, holofoil variant covers, and the Rob sitting upon a throne built from five million copies of X-Force #1. You can imagine how thrilled we are when we run across a new artifact of that time, and today, we have found a doozy.

Thanks to a link sent to us by IDW Associate Manager, Marketing & PR John Schork, we have witnessed a commercial for Malibu Comics' Ultraverse that manages to cram skateboarding, bungee jumping, limited edition first issues and so, so many denim jackets into a mere two and a half minutes. Experience the radness below!

I think if you asked me to sum up the '90s in one image, a dude with cornrows and a barely-there goatee bungee jumping while reading an issue of Prime would probably be right up there. If only he was slamming a Surge while he was at it. Clearly, this is the second-most '90sest commercial of all time, ranking just under the one where Spike Lee and the Rob chat about X-Force in order to sell button-fly acid wash jeans.

Seriously: We're never gonna top that one.

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