Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá are from São Paolo, Brazil. It's their home, where they were raised, and where much of their most personal comics work, like De:Tales and Daytripper, is set. They have a deep emotional attachment to the city and country they love. As such, when the recent recent protests across São Paolo -- stemming from a rise in bus fares that is seen by many in the country as a reflection of political corruption -- began to turn violent, the Brazilian twins were compelled to explore their feelings on the subject the way they so often do: through their art.

In a post on their blog titled "Every Right," the twins each posted art that conveyed what was going on in their minds, what they were seeing, and how they felt they should act. You can view the installments from both Ba and Moon below.Here's Moon's cartoon:

And Bá's:
For more on what's currently taking place in São Paolo, you can head here.

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