You'll have to forgive my headline, but when Fábio Moon posts a Spidey sketch, it's best just to cut to the heart of the matter don't you think?

One half of Vertigo's "Daytripper" duo (along with his brother Gabriel Bá), the Brazilian artist let loose on Marvel's biggest icon earlier this week with a casual web-slinging shot posted over on the pair's blog.

I'll admit to knowing extremely little Portuguese, but my rudimentary Spanish conjugation skills seem to indicate that he thinks drawing super heroes is tedious, but sitting in a medical waiting room is more tedious? Or something? Take my shoddy speculation with about 3,000 grains (or grams) of salt - Moon and Bá are both super good-natured dudes from what I've seen and wouldn't slam Spidey. Whatever he wrote, just assume it's clever as the dickens.

Who knows? Maybe we'll all see some super heroish action if all the "Casanova" rumors pan out in the coming months?