After months of anticipation, the reboot is finally here with this week's release of Justice League #1, ushering in a new era for the DC Universe. It's an era of big changes, and if you want to experience them for yourself, it's obviously best to avoid the spoilers that are going to be cropping up on the Internet. If, however, you want to be thoroughly entertained, those spoilers are exactly what you should be looking for -- mostly because they're fake.

Started by @scarymask, the #DCNUspoilers tag rampaged across Twitter today with shocking information that may not be accurate, but ispretty fantastic. Check out fifteen more of our favorites after the cut!

War Rocket Ajax co-host @HighMindedMW reveals Barry Allen's most shocking (yet thrilling) secret:

ComicsAlliance's own @AndyKhouri reveals some unexpected fashion choices of the new 52:

Plus, the space-bound saga that you (and by "you" I mean "I") demanded:

Occasional CA contributor @David_Wolkin has thought up the best idea for a Batman story since Neal Adams' Odyssey:

@thedangernation reveals two storylines I would pay all of the money to read:

@bradthebrown isn't too sure about the pacing in these new issues:

@marcosumayao knows how he got those scars:

Plus, he has insights into the mind of The Rob Liefeld:

@APostmodernLife has finally revealed who's been clicking on those banner ads:

@SirJohnnyBravo asks the question: What of Turtle, Geoff Johns? What of Turtle?!

@hiss_driver won't rest 'til all are 52 new #1s:

If @DrBravo2 is indicating a series called Superman's Pal and Girl Friend Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane, Respectively, then I will be happier than ever about this relaunch:

Former Great Comics That Never Happened artist @rusty_shackles points out some interesting synergy with another division of Warner Bros:

@KevinInChains reveals the new secret origin of Slade Wilson:

And finally, @KDBryan knows that some people stand in the darkness, afraid to step into the light, but some people need to help somebody when the edge of surrender's in sight. Don't you worry. It's gonna be all right:

For more, check out the #DCNuSpoilers hashtag, and tell us your ideas for fake Dc relaunch spoilers in the comments!

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