Over at their Previews World website, Diamond has exclusively posted the edited solicitation text and cover image for Marvel's "Siege"-related "Fallen" one-shot. The solicitation's interesting it that it appears to be the full piece, with three pieces of information scrubbed: the full title, the writer and the character being eulogized as "a universe comes together to mourn [CLASSIFIED]." Discussion and speculation behind the jump.Looking at the information -- in conjunction with "Siege" editor Tom Brevoort's recent statement that there would be three casualties in "Siege," and the most surprising one was Ares -- this certainly doesn't look good for the Sentry. It seems safe to assume the book's full title is still obscured because it would give away the identity of the character, so (and this is off onto speculation road) if the writer's taken out for the same reason -- because they're so aligned with the character, their identity would give the character's away -- I can't imagine anyone other than Bob who:

  • Is more likely to die for obvious plot reasons
  • Contains 'universal' impact, especially due to Bob's relationship with the Inhumans, who are currently chilling on Hala
  • Is so tied to a writer (in this case, Paul Jenkins) who'd be making a "return" to major-league Marvel comics; Jenkins has been doing some fringe work in "Son of Hulk" and the "Captain America: Theater of War" one-shots, but hasn't had a really high-profile assignment since "World War Hulk: Front Line" in 2007
  • Has a chiseled, male face with long, silky hair that Doctor Doom is apparently caressing. (Unless that's Colossus. Or the Destroyer Armor!)

In any case, this is obviously all idle speculation, but I can't think of anyone else involved who fits those clues, unless the writer's being obscured for a completely unrelated reason and this is actually Harlan Ellison's touching re-farewell to Jarella, who comes back to life and dies again in four pages in "Siege" #3.

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