"The Shield's" Michael Chiklis may not have had much to work with in the Fantastic Four film series, but by golly if fans didn't love him for trying.

Of course, that's not to say he couldn't be destined for further comic adaptation dominance in another franchise.

Thanks to the the ever vigilant SuperPunch, fans can take a look at character and creature modeler Nicolas Collins' concept for a Chiklis-ized version of Eric Powell's "The Goon."

Although matching Powell's hulking Goon proportions would be pretty impossible short of using CGI in a feature film, Collins' depiction is pretty spot-on in the realm of physically possible human anatomy. Plus, who else could match that broken grimace?

I admit, as much as I dig Chiklis, I'm not sure if I can see him bellowing what I've always imagined as a fairly deep Goon baritone. Still, what are voice modulators for? Someone in Hollywood should consider making this mashup a reality.