Have you ever sat at home in your favorite thinking chair, scratching your head and wondering aloud why no one has ever pursued the idea of a "Doctor Who" anime, particularly one created in the early 1990s? England-based "Who" fan Paul "OtaKing" Johnson wondered the same thing, leading the professional translator and staunch "Who" fan to rectify this oversight with his very own fan-made 11-minute short animated video.

"It's just an 11 minute fake 'what if' trailer for a Doctor Who anime if one had been made back in the early '90s," Johnson told Anime News Network of the project, likening the short video's influences to "Bubblegum Crisis," "Macross" and "Project A-Ko." As a self-described '80s purist, Johnson's short features zero CGI - everything you see here is hand-drawn, leading to a "fun but massively time-consuming" effort from the fan.

Although the fan-made "Who" anime has been in the works for awhile now - Topless Robot first tracked down the initial installment almost a year ago now - its fourth chapter popped up as early as April and is an awesome effort from a passionate and talented fan. "Who" fans, check out Johnson's work after the jump.

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