Joss Whedon never got to bring Wonder Woman back to the screen. The pilot by David E. Kelley for NBC didn't stick. CW's Amazon sits in limbo. Some think the character too "difficult" to make an easy transition to the screen. That hasn't stopped LA production company Rainfall from taking their own unauthorized stab, with a trailer that pits Diana against two very different sets of foes.

The Rainfall trailer offers a glimpse of Wonder Woman in two worlds - the bleak, crime-ridden cities of modern civilization, and the mythic Greek-inspired island home of the Amazons. The trailer hits a suitably iconic tone, with a visual style remiscent of Steven S. DeKnight's Spartacus TV series. A lot of fans would surely be very happy with a Wonder Woman show or movie filmed in this style. (It's certainly better than what they're getting now, which is zip).



Rainfall is perhaps best known for its Legend of Zelda trailer, produced for an April Fool's joke for IGN in 2008. The Wonder Woman trailer was directed by Sam Balcolmb and stars Rileah Vanderbilt as Wonder Woman.

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