Some of the weirdest, craziest, most beautiful work in superhero comics today has been done by artist Farel Dalrymple. Whether you first saw him drawing it up with Jonathan Lethem in Omega: The UnKnown, contributing to Strange Tales or even in an old Meathaus anthology, you know the guy was born to make bizarre images. The commissions and other art that he's shared over his blog substantiates those suspicions, and some of it is really envy inducing.
Dalrymple's done Batman, Spider Jerusalem, Merv Pumpkinhead and other characters, and they all look absolutely gorgeous in his trademark painted style. His Fear Agent, for instance, goes above and beyond what whoever paid for it could have possibly expected, complete with free-floating, outer space cans of Lone Star beer.

Spider-Man and the Punisher also show up there, and they sure as heck look like Dalrymple originals with slightly off body shapes, a smidgen of tension and some soft, slightly surreal colors. Have a look after the jump and let us know you think.