It may be called Study Group, but publisher Zack Soto is ready for Spring Break! Although instead of traveling to Palm Springs to try to get on MTV's The Grind, he's staying in his native Portland, Oregon to raise funds for a slate of new print editions including Farel Dalrymple's It Will All Hurt #2, a square-bound collection of Sam Alden's Haunter, Study Group Magazine #3D and more.

It Will All Hurt #2 will feature 48 pages of new material on Golden Age sized newsprint with risographed covers. The Haunter collection will contain 96 pages between its 6x9" square-bound covers, with a new cover. Finally, Study Group Magazine #3D will clock in at 80 pages (an upgrade from its usual 64), include a 3D section that can be viewed with included 3D glasses, and contain the work of comic creators and writers such as Jim Rugg, Sophie Franz, Connor Willumsen, Trevor Alixopulos, Mia Schwartz, Kim Deitch, Chris Cilla, Malachi Ward, Ben Max Urkowitz, Julia Gfrorer, Pete Toms, Sarah Horrocks, Sean Witzke, Jason Little and others.

With much of Study Group's material available to read for free online at the publisher's official website, this new Kickstarter's many backing levels aim to furnish demand for proper print versions of not only these three new projects, but also previous -- and potentially future -- releases.

For $44 backers can get ahold of all three of these new projects, with more than 30 other backing options to choose from that mix-and-match at least one version of the new books (including digital) with other Study Group offerings.

As of posting time, the Study Group Kickstarter has achieved nearly $5,000 of its $12,000 goal with 25 days left. For more information about the spring line and a simple breakdown of how SG intends to spend its funds, you can head to the official project page.

Study Group Comics Spring 2014 Kickstarter full

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