When Emet Comics absorbed Rosy Press, we knew that would lead to more diverse queer romance comics, and quite possibly more of Fresh Romance, the anthology title that first launched back in 2014. And our dreams have come true, with Emet announcing a new Kickstarter campaign to fund Fresh Romance Volume 2, a collection of all new romance stories to be published as five digital issues as well as a print collection.

To sweeten the deal for backers, Emet is also including a second book: Verona, a graphic novel that modernizes the Romeo and Juliet story, written by Emily Dell with art by Mollie Helms and Bryndon Everett. Unlike Fresh Romance Volume 2, Verona is already complete, so backers can receive it this Spring, while waiting on Fresh Romance to come out in October.


Cover by Renae de Liz and Ray Dillon (Emet Comics)


As for Fresh Romance Volume 2 itself, the Kickstarter page offers summaries of four stories that will be included, and they all sound pretty great. All of them are queer, and one of them is based on a Buster Keaton movie.


Walk It Off by Suzana Harcum and Owen White features Kat Drescher and Penny O'Neil who are eager to take their first holiday together after graduation, and counting on a grand romantic get-away to temporarily put off joining the real world and entering the workforce. They're not as prepared as they thought they were, however, when said holiday takes an unexpected turn— and the real world finds them first!


One Lucky Bride by Julia Hutchinson is a retelling of Buster Keaton's 1925 silent film "Seven Chances" in which Sara, a young entrepreneur on the verge of bankruptcy, discovers she is heir to a distant relative's fortune. The catch? She has to get married by 7:00 PM to collect the inheritance!


Sally Jane Thompson (Emet Comics)


Under the Oak Trees by Sally Jane Thompson is a country mouse/city mouse romance that asks the question: Do different lives and different temperaments mean more pain than a relationship is worth?


The Only One by Cecil Castellucci, Sarah Winifred Searle, and Irene Koh is a tale of belated love that tells of a decades-spanning series of missed-connections that eventually lead to a cosmic love connection.

The Kickstarter campaign runs until April 7, and backers can can print copies of both Fresh Romance Volume 2 and Verona for as little as $45, or digital copies of Fresh Romance Volume 2 for as little as $18. If you like romance and comics, definitely give it a look.