As the enthusiasm for prime-time "serialized TV" began to wane -- even the most loyal viewers of 24 and Lost became gravely concerned about shark-infested plotlines -- the same can't be said for Heroes, the critical and ratings darling of the past TV season. In fact, Heroes may accomplish something no other super-themed series in the past has ever done: Win a Best Show Emmy come mid-September.

Besides Best Show, Tim Kring's surprise hit garnered eight nominations -- including Masi Oka, the best known of the ensemble cast, for supporting actor -- during yesterday's Emmy Award announcements.

Of course, award expectations will be low, considering Heroes will "compete" against heavy-hitters like The Sopranos (even in its death throes, it's a formidable opponent) and fellow freshman hit Ugly Betty.

Still, I never thought, a cheerleader -- even a indestructible one -- stood a chance in the end against the likes of Jack Bauer, CTU and Little Miss Asperger's (Chloe). Boy, I was wrong... but, at least, I'm in good company.

Heroes wasn't the only superheroic show noticed by Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Personal fav, Robot Chicken received a nod for Outstanding Animated Program (half-hour or less) as did Hellboy Animated: Sword of Storms.