As regular readers probably know, we here at ComicsAlliance are pretty big fans of Jonathan Hickman's groundbreaking run on the Fantastic Four, which as of last month transmogrified into the new ongoing series FF, the first issue of which ended on a cliffhanger: Doctor Doom's joining the group.

As you can see above, and below in this exclusive preview of FF #2, Ben Grimm isn't happy about this. He's also got an angry face ready-made for being transformed into avatars and emoticons. I'm pretty sure I could read Steve Epting drawing a pissed-off Thing forever, as long as he drew him with that bulging eye. Stan Lee recently revealed to the world that the Thing has an orange rocky member, but here's the new question: does he also pop orange rocky hernias? Decide for yourself below! FF #2 will be released April 27.

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