Do you like your Batman portraits with broad chins and a little bit of battle damage? If that is the case, then look no further than the portfolio of Serbia-based artist Filip Acovic. His take on the Dark Knight looks like a collaboration between Frank Miller and Boris Vallejo, right down to the scratches and lighting.Acovic keeps his deviantART gallery stocked with paintings of Street Fighter characters, Conan and Batman, alongside drawings of Popeye and Wolverine, which have much simpler palettes. Acovic's black and white work throbs with a similar kind of Miller-inspired grittiness, only with a little added help from some intricately controlled chaos in his line work.

From his jagged streams of smoke to his creepy Eric Powell-like take on Blanka, Acovic definitely has a gift. Check out a few of our favorite pieces from his feed down below, and be ready to feel itchy underneath your skin.