Since its return to publishing in 2012, Valiant has been focused on doing new stories with new creative teams involving the classic properties that debuted when the company was first formed back in the '90s. With the exception of a single hardcover collecting the first few issues of the original Bloodshot, that's been the company's focus, but this week Valiant announced that it would not only bring one of their classic titles back into print, but reuniting the original creative team to do it.

With Q2: The Return Of Quantum and Woodyoriginal Quantum and Woody creators Christopher Priest and M.D. Bright are returning to the book they created, telling a new story set 20 years after the original. A 600-page omnibus of the original series will also be published.

In the years since it was originally published, Quantum and Woody has often been regarded as one of the true buried treasures of comics. It was never collected before Valiant went under the first time, and as someone who worked in a shop that boasted a back issue selection of 300 long boxes, I can tell you that it's harder to put a run together than you might think. As a result, getting Q&W back into print after almost fifteen of die hard fans talking about how great it is feels like a pretty big deal.

Created by Priest and Bright (the artist who drew my favorite issue of Batman, the one where he throws a car battery at a dude), the series has been enjoying a recent critically revival under writer James Asmus and artists Tom Fowler, Ming Doyle and Erica Henderson. The new series, however, will be set in the original continuity of Priest and Bright's original, continuing the story of the World's Worst Superhero Team and showing what happens when a middle-aged Quantum returns with an all-new teenage sidekick who is definitely not Woody, his childhood friend turned superheroic partner.


Quantum and Woody Classic Omnibus


Q2 and The Complete Quantum and Woody Classic Omnibus debut this October from Valiant Entertainment.

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