I haven't always been the biggest fan of Deathstroke the Terminator, the hard-boiled mercenary with the greatest viciousness-to-depth-perception ratio in all of comics, but DC's current take on Deathstroke has done the one thing that's virtually guaranteed to pique my interest: getting Priest to write the new series following Slade Wilson into the Rebirth era. On the off chance that that wasn't enough, Lethal Larry Hama showed up to do layouts in previous issues, turning Deathstroke into a must-read title.

But if you need more convincing, consider this: The current story finds Deathstroke and his daughter Rose --- alias the teenaged titan called Ravager --- driving to Gotham City on the trail of an assassination contract. It's a family bonding road trip with two deadly assassins from Priest, Joe Bennett, Mark Morales, Jeremy Cox, and Willie Schubert.

Check out a preview below!



And here's the official solicitation:


(W) Priest (A) Joe Bennett, Mark Morales (CA) Aco (CA) Shane Davis
“The Professional” part four! After an attempt on The Ravager’s life, Slade Wilson and his daughter head to Gotham City in an attempt to track down Rose’s would-be assassin.
In Shops: Oct 12, 2016
SRP: $2.99


Incidentally, if you've been re-reading some of Priest's greatest hits recently, that structure of driving down the highway with those cool interstitial cards are probably a pretty familiar technique. They're one of the things that Priest does more effectively than almost anyone else in comics, and it's cool to see them back in action here.