The DC Universe doesn’t lack for some of the most iconic heroes and heroines in comics. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, and many others are more than a match for most adversaries on their own, and when they band together to form the Justice League, it’s obvious you’ve got to have some tough villains to offer a proper challenge. So it’s a good thing for the baddies that the DC Universe also has its share of great and heinous villains.

For every Superman, there is a Lex Luthor; for every Green Lantern, there is a Sinestro; and for every Aquaman, there is a Black Manta. Whether playing foil to their opposite in a solo series, teaming up to carry out some cooperative crime, or even joining the ranks of the Legion of Doom, the villains of the DC Universe have many ways to spread mayhem and makes our heroes’ lives harder.

With the DC villains being as colorful as they are, there are plenty of excellent cosplayers out there to offer up the darker side of cosplay. In every cape, cowl, and scar, these cosplayers bring the frightening visages of their favorite villains to life, and make the cosplay world just a little more exciting. These are the best DC Villain cosplays.


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