With DC's April solicitations coming next week, we have an exclusive first look at the covers for Harley Quinn #17, Supergirl: Being Super #3, Deathstroke #17, and The Wild Storm #3, featuring art by Joëlle JonesBill Sienkiewicz, and more!

Harley Quinn #17 features a fittingly harlequin-patterned design of the current pigtailed Harley and the classic jester-cap version standing back to back, drawn by the comic's co-writer, Amanda Conner, while Supergirl: Being Super #3 has a Joëlle Jones cover with Kara Danvers apparently escaping from some sort of medical test or experiment, which is concerning since the synopsis mentions Lexcorp's involvement.

The cover for Deathstroke #17, by the legendary Bill Sienkiewicz, features an intimidating Power Girl lifting a tiny Deathstroke like he's a toy. I'm not sure if that literally happens in the issue, but it makes a great cover either way. And The Wild Storm #3 boasts a cover by Jon-Davis Hunt, featuring a character I assume to be Jenny Quantum, the embodiment of our current century, looking about as troubled as you'd expect her to be. Check out all the covers and solicits below:


Cover by Amanda Conner (DC Comics)



Written by AMANDA CONNER and JIMMY PALMIOTTI • Backup story written by PAUL DINI and JIMMY PALMIOTTI • Art by JOHN TIMMS • Backup story art by BRET BLEVINS • Cover by AMANDA CONNER • Variant cover by FRANK CHO

“Deadly Sin” part one! The twisted Harley Sinn’s been released from prison, and she’s looking to hurt Harley in a whole new way…by going after somebody she loved and lost! And to make this issue extra-unmissable, a brand-new backup story begins, set in Harley’s earliest days with the Joker—and co-written by one of Harley’s original creators, Paul Dini! “Harley Loves Joker” kicks off as Harley makes the biggest mistake of her burgeoning criminal career…accidentally revealing the location of Mistah J’s hideout!

On sale APRIL 5 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T+


Cover by Joëlle Jones (DC Comics)



Written by MARIKO TAMAKI • Art and cover by JOELLE JONES

Kara Danvers’ hidden memories of her life on another planet are bubbling to the surface—but is she alone here on earth? Following the devastating events of the Midvale Earthquake, Kara and Dolly struggle to piece their lives back together—but what’s up with Coach? Their mentor is acting strangely, and her odd behavior goes from curious to downright creepy when Kara follows her back to a Lexcorp bunker deep underground. What she’s hiding will change Kara’s life forever—all will be revealed and a hero will need to be super in this penultimate chapter!

PRESTIGE FORMAT • On sale APRIL 26 • 48 pg, FC, 3 of 4, $5.99 US • RATED T


Cover by Bill Sienkiewicz (DC Comics)




“Twilight” part six! All the chips fall as dark secrets within Deathstroke’s world are revealed, including Power Girl—who learns her houseguest’s true identity. Determined to atone for her mistake, the 16-year-old takes on the World’s Deadliest Assassin on her own. Will she bring Deathstroke to justice…or die trying?

On sale APRIL 19 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T+


Cover by Jon-Davis Hunt (DC Comics)



Written by WARREN ELLIS • Art and cover by JON DAVIS-HUNT • Variant cover by JAMIE McKELVIE • Variant cover by JIM LEE and SCOTT WILLIAMS

Angela Spica is wounded, alone and hiding from black-ops killers sent by her own benefactor, the man she thought responsible for her well-being—the mastermind behind an assassination attempt the Engineer just foiled. But, unknown to her, she might yet have a chance to survive this terrible day. The Grifter has a plan.

A storm is building. And through it all, a mysterious woman crackles though the electrical devices that inhabit our lives, slipping among the invisible networks of the world.

There’s something new in the world.

On sale APRIL 19 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T+