It's been a long time coming for fans, but the CG animated adaptation of Phil Hester and Andy Kuhn's Firebreather will finally arrive on Cartoon Network on November 24. Just in time for the Thanksgiving Eve showing, CN has finally revealed images from the movie that show off protagonist Duncan Rosenblatt's dragon form in action.

Until recently, all fans could find from the animated feature were teasers, including one of Duncan facing school bullies in his mostly human form, but the new images give fans a solid look at the likeness they've come to know from the Firebreather comics transformed for 3D animation.

The shots include a look at Duncan's human mother and his dragon father, along with his schoolmates and love-interest. Kuhn's signature character designs are pretty apparent in the character models to boot, which is a treat for longtime readers.

Take a look at select screen shots, as well as the movie's poster below:

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