I'm suffering through a terrible sinus infection and trying to find things to keep me entertained and I find this link on a celebrity gossip site of all places. I'm assuming this made the rounds last week at the Star Wars Celebration in LA, but I was late in checking out news from there because...well because I figured they'd have nothing to say. You see, a while back it was announced that there would be TWO television shows for the Star Wars Universe: a live action series bridging the gap between the two trilogies and an all-new CGI Clone Wars show. Seeing as how I already loved the non-CGI Clone Wars cartoon I wasn't exactly jumping for joy at this news.

Yoda from Star Wars: The Clone Wars Series

BUT - after seeing this minute and a half of stellar footage, I have to say that I'm pretty excited to see more of The Clone Wars series. There's plenty of action, tech, Jedi, Yoda, R2, and lightsabers to go around. Yeah, the CGI still looks a little stiff, but much more fluid than anything else out there. This is certainly much more than I expected. I have been eating a lot of cold medicine today though...

Trooper from Star Wars: The Clone Wars Series

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