Jame's Kochalka's Top Shelf series SuperF*ckers has been winning over comic book reading audiences for years with its brand of relentlessly profane teen nonheroism, so fan expectations for its animated incarnation coming to Frederator Studios' (Adventure Time, Bravest Warriors) new online channel known as Cartoon Hanger have been appropriately high. Test animation and other promo materials have been circulating on CH and Kochalka's various blogs and social media channels for months, but it seems they were saving the first SuperF*ckers full-fledged finished animation clip for New York Comic Con. Is it as lovably disgusting as the animated theme song created to promote the comic from a few years back? You can see the new NSFW animation after the cut to draw your own SuperF*ckers conclusions.

Frederator Studios' New SuperF*ckers Clip

Top Shelf's original SuperF*ckers Animated Promo

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