Back when James Kochalka's SuperF*ckers first debuted in 2005, I was absolutely in the target audience for it. At the time, I was just getting into the Silver Age Legion of Super-Heroes, and while the bizarre adventures and super-powers are certainly notable, the one thing that really hooked me about that book was how much the characters acted like total a-hole teens. I mean, there are multiple issues where a bunch of kids who form a club to hang out with their friends have auditions just so that they can tell other kids that they're not good enough to hang out with them.

SuperF*ckers, on the other hand, took that idea and ran with it. Instead of fighting any form of space crime, Jack Krak and his gang of a-hole teens leaned pretty hard into just being jerks, and it was great. And now, it's back --- which is pretty impressive when you consider that they blew up the planet at the end of the last story.

Check out a preview of next week's all-new SuperF*ckers Forever #1 below!



Superf*ckers Forever #1 (of 5)

James Kochalka (w) • James Kochalka, Jake Lawrence (a) • James Kochalka (c)
The Superf*ckers are back in their first-ever monthly comic-book series! James Kochalka’s loveably profane heroes return in Superf*ckers Forever, an event series like no other!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:
· The first-ever Superf*ckers comic-book series!

· Back-up stories by acclaimed indie creators in ever issue. Up first: Jake Lawrence!

· Variant covers by acclaimed indie creators on every issue! Up first: Ryan “Invincible” Ottley!

· Jack Krak is *still* the mother*cker!

· Part of IDW’s five-week Creator Visions event! Five creator-driven books, launched in five straight weeks!