James Kochalka has a Christmas present for us all.

A brand new comic, Superf*ckers Save Christmas, is available for $1.99 on ComiXology as of today. The issue's story started out an episode of Cartoon Hangover's Superf*ckers animated series, but as the episode never saw fruition, Kochalka adapted as a comic.

Here's what Kochalka said about the story on his Tumblr:

I’ve always loved Christmas Specials.  This book was originally written as an episode of the SuperF*ckers animated cartoon series, but never produced in that form.  I couldn’t just let it die, so I drew it as a comic book.  Why not, right?  And I got it done barely in time to release just one week before Christmas!

The animated series is still going strong on Cartoon Hangover, where it has amassed nearly 900,000 views across its censored and uncensored versions. Frederator and CH have yet to announce new installments, but amid the second season of Bravest Warriors and the recent success of the Bee and Puppycat Kickstarter, the horrible teen heroes may return yet. If not, fans at least know Kochalka has plenty more SF comics up his sleeve.

Check out the comic here.


Super Fckers Save Christmas


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