Misery loves company, and no one knows that better than the characters in Chris Gerringer's "I know that feel, bro" series. Gerringer pairs up weepy characters with similar plights, and zooms in for the teary eyed fist-bump. Let the healing begin.

Part of the fun of Gerringer's series is figuring out what these characters have in common. Sometimes it's immediately obvious, but occasionally it requires a little more thought. If you're stumped, I've put notes beneath each image.Gerringer, who goes under the name paperbeatsscissors, also has a deviantART gallery packed with fun pop culture illustrations. If you've been looking for a new desktop wallpaper featuring melancholy Star Wars droids or gangster rapping Stormtroopers, head on over. And if you enjoy this series, you can vote for Gerringer's current Threadless submission, featuring a fist-bump between two forms of obsolete media storage.

Freakazoid and Flynn are both computer geeks who got sucked into the computer. It turned one of them into a manic superhero and the other into a deadbeat dad.

Pac-Man and Hungry Hungry Hippo are both hooked on the white circles, and have yet to seek rehab.

Hulk and Kermit know it's not easy being the color of brussel sprouts. Plus, they can never find shirts they like.

Venom and the baby Xenomorph just like the warm feel of a human body. They're not big fans of all the screaming, though.

Boba Fett and Solid Snake both know that having unique DNA is overrated.

Aang and Superman both claim the title "last of their kind," but Aang doesn't keep a bottle full of tiny Airbenders at his vacation home.

Gollum and Buffalo Bill both lost something they called Precious. Gollum lost the One Ring, and Buffalo Bill lost his dignity during that "Would you f*ck me?" scene. Also, his little dog.

No one has ever told Geordi or Cyclops that they have nice eyes.

Harry Potter and Batman both worked with Gary Oldman and inherited large amounts of money. Oh, and I almost forgot -- their parents were violently murdered.

Wolverine and Stitch are both science experiments with sharp claws. Maybe a few beers would calm Stitch down.

Beaker and Chewbacca both -- MEEP! MEEP! Rrrrrr-ghghghghghghg!

Pikachu and Genie both know what it's like to sleep with their feet squished in their faces. Or they would, if Genie had feet.

Torosaurus and Pluto each received a scientific demotion. Torosaurus was downgraded to a mature Triceratops, and Pluto got the dwarf planet shaft. We still love you, guys!