On sale this week from Image Comics is the second issue of Jimmie Robinson's Five Weapons, a cleverly written and slickly illustrated original miniseries that we're big fans of around here. Set at an exclusive boarding school for preparing young minds and bodies for careers in the field of professional assassinations, the story follows teenager Tyler Shainline, the scion of one of the school's greatest legacy families. Or so he seems. Tyler has his own mysterious reasons for attending this Hogwarts-for-killers, and the new issue provides some insight into the young man's hidden motives -- including why he's chosen to take down the leaders of each of the school's five clubs -- knives, clubs, guns, staves, archery and exotic weapons -- without picking up a weapon himself.

Tyler's latest strategy? The dreaded tickle attack.

If you're just hearing about Five Weapons for the first time, make sure to check out David Brothers' thoughtful but spoiler-free review of the first issue, which is among the most compelling series intros either of us has seen in a while. Also the creator of the long-running Bomb Queen franchise for Image/Shadowline, Robinson seems inspired to push himself in a new direction with Five Weapons. So far the results have yielded a youthful, fun and indeed sophisticated creator-owned project featuring a diverse cast. Essentially, the kind of American comic that lots readers have been waiting for.

Five Weapons #1 is still available in finer comics shops and digitally from ComiXology, as will issue #2 when it goes on sale tomorrow.

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