Good news for a comic we're fans of at ComicsAlliance: Five Weapons, the Image Comics miniseries written, drawn, and lettered by Jimmie Robinson, is set to become an ongoing. The news was revealed at the end of issue #5, and confirmed by Robinson via Twitter.

Upon release, Five Weapons -- the story of a pacifist in a private school that trains young assassins -- was well received by many critics. A monthly series from a major publisher that is written, drawn and lettered by the same person is rare, which possibly led to even more critical attention. Interestingly, this announcement came a day after Image Expo, during which the publisher announced a new series from Rick Remender and Wes Craig, also about a school for young assassins. So if that's your kind of story, Image has you covered.

The final issue of the initial Five Weapons miniseries arrived in stores this week, and the series will relaunch in January.





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