With DC Direct's line of Flashpoint action figures scheduled to drop in August around the time that the Flashpoint comic book event comes to a close, collectors might have wondering whether they'd have the opportunity to add the storyline's main villain to a lineup that includes Cyborg, the Flash, Wonder Woman and Batman. If you're headed to the San Diego International Comic-Con next month -- and you're fast enough -- you'll be able to do just that by picking up an exclusive DC Direct edition of the villainous Zoom at the Graphitti Designs booth (#2315).From The Source:

Zoom stands approximately 6.5" inches high, features multiple points of articulation and includes a removable display base. But don't wait too long! Due to its rare availability, attendees will each be limited to only one Zoom figure each.

No word on pricing, but considering there's only 4,000 pieces being produced, whatever it goes for at Comic-Con will be a steal compared to what it'll fetch on eBay in the days to follow. See a full image of DC Direct's SDCC exclusive Zoom below: