A hero is defined by their villains, and the world of superhero comic books is filled with some of the scariest and silliest bad guys around. Rogues’ Gallery aims to settle the score and determine who is the true arch-nemesis for some of favorite superheroes, and we need your help to do it!

You voted to see who The Flash‘s ultimate arch-enemy was, and we’ve tabulated the results and assembled a video counting down the definitive top 10. Did your favorite make this list? There’s only one way to find out!

Show notes:

  • You can find out more about The Black Flash in the collected volume The Flash by Grant Morrison & Mark Millar.
  • The defining clash between Wally West and Hunter Zolomon takes place in "Blitz"
  • Pied Piper's origin is covered in The Flash #190 titled "Rat Race"
  • Savitar appears in the storyline "Dead Heat" which takes place in The Flash #108, #109, #110, #111 and Impulse #10 & #11.
  • Professor Zoom is the bad guy of the best Flash story of all time, "The Return of Barry Allen" which begins in The Flash #73.
  • Check out the best modern Grodd story in "Gorilla Warfare"
  • Underworld Unleashed is currently out of print and unavailable digitally, but the next best Trickster is "Rogue War" which starts in The Flash #220.
  • Sam Scudder's best story can be found in the story "Rogues' Revolution" from The New 52.
  • The ultimate Captain Cold story is The Flash #182 titled "Absolute Zero"
  • Mirror Master (Evan McCullogh)'s tragic backstory is explored in The Flash #212 titled "Mirror, Mirror On The Wall"

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