Grant Morrison isn't the only creator who's announced that he'll be leaving DC's New 52 initiative in the near future. On Twitter, Rob Liefeld - who's currently anchoring three books for the line - has shared that he, too, is on his way from company-owned characters to creator-owned work.Sharing a link to news of Morrison's departure, Liefeld - currently co-writing Grifter and The Savage Hawkman for DC, as well as writing and drawing Deathstroke - dropped his own bombshell:

Continuing, he said that his departure is "not anytime soon... 2013 is a ways off," and explained that "the current corporate comics conditions are an absolute bear, on both sides, for both Big 2. Not a political statement #fact," adding that he has "lots of creator owned dreams yet to realize..."

Summing up his recent company-owned stint, he tweeted "As for DC work, I've done my job, stopped the bleeding, revived the patient....enjoying my collaborations...," saying that "for me personally, working at DC this past year has been ridiculously enjoyable and fun. [The company] treats talent right."

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