For a small sub-section of a generation raised on the special effects-enriched slugfest Power Rangers franchise -- in any of its many, many flavors, from the classic Mighty Morphin to Samurai, through things like Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder and the classic* Mystic Force -- there is likely no cooler idea than getting drunk in the company of an honest-to-goodness Power Ranger. To those dreamers, however, some good news: if you travel to Japan, you can now legitimately make that happen.Former Power Ranger Masaru Shishido -- he played the Red Ranger known as Oh Red in Chōriki Sentai Ohranger, which had its footage localized in the States as part of the 1996 Power Rangers Zeo series -- is opening a tokusatsu-themed bar in Japan, dedicated not only to Power Rangers but to all manner of genre television. "There are lots of regular bars [but] I wanted to do a bar done up after my [Oh Red] color," explained Shishido.

Part of that color includes Rangers memorabilia, overpriced drinks and bartenders who call each other "captain." According to Kotaku, the bar also has "events" planned for the truly faithful - Perhaps if we're lucky, Shishido will don his Ranger uniform and try out some of his former stunts for old times' sake... Preferably sober, of course, just in case.

(* - This may be a misuse of the word "Classic".)

[Editor's Note: No, it is a 300% valid use - Caleb]

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