Look, I haven't cleared my TV-watching schedule to enough to catch Once Upon a Time or Masters of Sex, but if there's one thing I've watched it's the 2009 Power Rangers R.P.M. So I can say with some degree of certainty that The CW's upcoming iZombie pilot starring former R.P.M. Yellow Ranger Rose McIver could perform quite capably as Olivia “Liv” Moore (*ba-dump!) on the Rob Thomas-produced drama that sounds almost nothing like the Vertigo Comic by Chris Roberson and Mike Allred -- that is, if this show includes martial arts and mecha.

In all seriousness, McIver is a solid actress. Even if the show winds up shedding too much of what made the comic special to be appealing to original fans, at least casting won't be the problem. I mean, technically McIver isn't even playing the exact same character since the comic starred a "Gwen" who was a gravedigger who hung out with a ghost, a wereterrier and other misfits and not a "Liv" who works in a coroner's office and hang's out with a detective who wasn't even in the comic.

McIver will star opposite Malcolm Goodwin, who plays a police detective named Clive. Alexandra Krosney will play Liv's best friend Peyton and David Anders will play the antagonist Blaine. David Anders, Robert Buckley, and Nora Dunn will also star.

Warner Bros. official synopsis for the show frames Liv as a med student-turned-zombie who takes a job at a coroner’s office so she can eat brains on the sly without hurting anyone. Like in the comic, every brain she eats feeds her the memories of the people they belonged to, compelling her to solve their deaths and quiet their "voices." Since the deaths are homicides, she works with Clive, who accepts her eccentricities to advance his floundering career. You know, like every paranormal cop show ever.

So yeah, maybe having a Megazord show up wouldn't be a bad idea?

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