Here at ComicsAlliance, we love pugs, superheroes and especially pugs dressed up as superheroes. Artist Franco Spagnolo shares at least a few of those of sentiments, which you'll be able to pick up on in his extremely stylized interpretations of the Justice League of America, as well as a few stray pages of puppy sketches.
Spagnolo lists his attempt at capturing DC'a heroes as an exercise in personal style and coloring on his blog at He definitely succeeded in injecting a look that's not been seen in their normal monthly books, and the Peter Pan and Indiana Jones art there shows that he's open to a range of other body shapes.

Feast your eyes on Spagnolo's sharp-angled JLA redesign after the jump, along with your pug art fix for the day, Indie and Captain Hook. And feel free to meander on over to his site if your like what you see.

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[Via Geek-Art]