We're currently in the midst of what you could call a crime comics revival, with Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips reigning supreme as kings of the genre, David Lapham's Stray Bullets returning stronger than ever and Titan Comics set to launch an entire line of comics in conjunction with Hard Case Crime.

Another new crime comic was announced today, as Frank J. Barbiere and Victor Santos' pulpy throwback Image Comics series Violent Love aims to tell the tale of two notorious criminals who could not be more different from one another, but find that opposites attract and the results are deadly.


Violent Love


Announced today via The AV Club, Violent Love is described as a romance comic as much as it is a crime comic, and one that takes its cues from "true events" in the same way that The Coen Brothers' classic Fargo used a similar tagline. The comic stars criminals Daisy Jane and Rock Bradley who fall in love and team up to go on a romance fueled crime spree, with Barbiere pointing to Bonnie and Clyde as a major touchstone.

Violent Love reunites the two creators as they previously worked together on Boom StudiosBlack Market. In talking about his own influences for the book, Santos points to an electic mix including Jack Kirby, Bruce Timm and Dog Day Afternoon.

The AV Club also has an exclusive teaser preview of the series, which is well worth checking out. Violent Love #1 is due for release on Nov. 9 digitally and in comic book stores.


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