For those thinking that last year's Holy Terror marked the first appearance of Frank Miller's merciless superhero the Fixer, think again. Turns out, a version of the character made his first appearance four decades earlier, in Miller's high school newspaper. Don't worry, though: Miller's trademark noir influences and silhouettes were in full effect even in his earliest days.The two strips surfaced via Reddit, where user "maijuliana" posted that Miller "went to my high school" - That would be Union High, in Montpelier, Vt., and attached photos of two episodes from October 1972, when the creator was just fifteen years old.

It's perhaps surprising to see how many elements in the strips would appear in the creator's later work: The fedora-wearing private eye, the graphic layout, the over-written captions... and even at the age of 15, Miller's visual style is interesting enough that even casual fans might want to read more. When can we get our Complete Fixer collection, Dark Horse?

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