Legendary Comics has released a new trailer for Holy Terror, the long-anticipated 9/11-inspired Batman superhero comic by 300 and Sin City creator Frank Miller. Originally announced in 2006 as a DC Comics story about Batman fighting Osama Bin Laden, Holy Terror is now heading to stores this September (for the ten-year anniversary of 9/11) as a story about a totally different vigilante who is definitely in no way Batman taking on Al Qaeda after an act of terrorism.

Here's a bit of text from the trailer:

"When the streets are filled with fear. When all hope has been shattered. When Empire City has gone to hell. Only one man can make things right. Unbelievable. Unbreakable. Unstoppable. From the Mind of Frank Miller and Legendary Comics. The graphic novel ten years in the making. Frank Miller's Holy Terror."

See the Holy Terror graphic novel trailer, plus the title's first five pages after the jump.

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