I love drawings of pretty girls. There's something especially wonderful about an artist who really captures what he or she truly loves about a female form. For Frederik Jurk, it's a sense of playful self-expression, deliberately ragged haircuts, the occasional bumps or bruises, and lots and lots of freckles. Beyond all that, though, is the sense that his ladies are staring out from their portraits, sometimes coyly, sometimes defiantly, but always with the sense that they know something that we don't.Jurk is a Hamburg-based illustrator whose works have appeared in the German-language newspapers Die Zeit, Neue Zürcher Zeitung and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung as well as in the Financial Times. Many of his drawings, especially his drawings of women, have a cartoony feel, with thick painted lines. Other times, he reaches for a retro, lineless look, which give even his more macabre illustrations of vampires, zombies and skeletons a cheerful, storybook feel.

You can follow Jurk's work on his Tumblr or check out his resume site.