To commemorate many of its fan-favorite heroes returning from their graves this summer, DC is shipping Black Lantern rings alongside the debut issue of "The Blackest Night #1" this Wednesday.

Individual comic shops are responsible for distributing the rings, but personal willpower is also a factor (as in managing to wake up before noon to get to your local comic shop).

"The Blackest Night" storyline running through DC's line of Green Lantern books sees Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis raiding the cosmic graveyards of yore for the vengeful fallen. While a few heavy hitters such as Aquaman and Earth 2 Superman have been promised to plague the living, we're still left wondering who else will don the Black Hand's new devices.

If you're not a jewelry fan, the promotional item could make a perfect gift for the recently fallen super person in your life. That is, if you think they'd make a good space zombie.

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