If you happen to have visited a big box retailer for Halloween candy in the past few days, you may have already begun to experience the horror of "too soon" winter holiday displays. For once, you can put your mind at ease knowing that the holiday season is bringing at least one rad thing with it - Seattle's Greg Kucera Gallery will be hosting Mark Newport's awesome comic book and superhero-themed works of art beginning in January.

There's a ton to interest fans, but for today, we'll just mention the giant quilt known as the "Freedom Bedcover (click for a bigger pic)."

Here's how Newport describes the piece:

"...the "Freedom Bedcover" pieces explore strength. In reality, a blanket or quilt protects us when we are vulnerable by keeping us warm. My bedcovers are made of stiff paper and would provide little comfort or protection to the user. The images of comic book superheroes depicted on them suggest strength, but many are covered with embroidery that provides a softness contradictory to their image."

"...The "Freedom Bedcover" pieces are based on a tradition of quilts that were made for young men when they attained social and economic freedom from their family. The quilt becomes a commemoration of that transition and a way to connect the man to his family when he is away from them."

Newport's work is pretty fascinating - especially for a young guys who have to reconcile their undying love of comics, toys and video games with the harsh realities of adulthood. What? No, I have no idea why you'd think I was talking about myself.