Mark Newport is an artist who knows what every superhero secretly needs: cozy casual wear to kick it in around the house. With the winter months getting closer, his knitted renditions of both original and contemporary crime fighter costumes seem like just the right thing for the super set to line their "working clothes" with.

Hand-knit from acrylic yarn, the suits show the softer alternative to unstable molecules, metallic armor, spandex and Kevlar. I'm wiling to bet if the asking price for each outfit weren't edging on $10k, most fans would undoubtedly be wearing their very own right now.

Fortunately for those with shallower pockets than they'd like, Newport's work can be seen up close in various locations, including the Greg Kucera Gallery in Seattle starting in January.

Newport's work ranges from heroes of his own creation such as Argyle Man and Sweater Man to knitted representations of everyone from Captain America to Batman. Given that his recent work explores themes of masculine identity and activity, however, ladies will just have to wait for their knitted Witchblade getups.

After the jump check out a smattering of his knit....


Captain America


The Escapist

Mister Fantastic

Rawhide Kid

Batman 3

Batman 2