Even though convention season takes place during the hottest months of the year, Think Geek's latest crop of Marvel hoodies may have you stocking up for winter. Theoretically, it's always a good time to rock Captain America, Spider-Man and black costume Spider-Man hoodies, but barring some kind of unseasonal weather patterns, only the most committed fans will be rocking these at upcoming conventions. For $50 a pop, these 60/40 cotton/poly blended printed marvels present a pretty big temptation to sweat it out with pride ASAP, however.Think Geek is kind to note that each of the hoodies is printed using plastisol, which as the name suggests, is a little plasticky. It's durable stuff with all the range of motion you'll want and it'll keep you dry (where it's printed) should a summer storm move in on your adventures.

Check out full images of the Spider-Man and Cap hoodies below:

[Via MTV Geek]

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