Over the past few years, WeLoveFine has pretty steadily become our site of choice for the clothing we need to survive the harsh elements and hide our shame. This is largely thanks to great designs featuring stuff we love, like Adventure Time, My Little Pony and Marvel Comics, but one of the most fun things about the site has been seeing what fans have done with their design contests.

The latest contest? Deadpool, with the winners picked by Deadpool writers Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan. Check out the winners (including the one picked by the staff of WLF) below!

First up, the staff pick that netted its creator a cool $100 cash prize, Stephen Yan's "Hello Ladies":




Gerry Duggan's pick, and the winner of a $400 prize, is also perfect if you happen to be a Deadpool reader who is also the swordmaiden to the goddess who stands betwixt the human world an the world of magick, Leigh Wortley's "The Dead Fool":




And Brian Posehn's pick, which also won $400 and perfectly captures my love of repeated text punchlines, Andy Hunt's "Eat At Wade's":




For a closer look, check out the winners at WeLoveFine!

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