Over the course of a number of volumes, annuals and miniseries, Gerry Duggan and his collaborators have turned Deadpool into one of the most tightly plotted and rewarding superhero titles on the stands. Next March, the running tension between Deadpool and his wife Shiklah will finally reach a boiling point as the Queen of Monster Metropolis stakes a claim on the surface world, and it's up to Wade, Spider-Man, and The Mercs For Money to stop her.

The crossover --- titled "Deadpool: Til Death Do Us..." --- was announced today via ComicBook.com, and will run for two months across Deadpool, Spider-Man/Deadpool and Deadpool and the Mercs For Money as Shiklah leads her monster army against a number of high value targets in Manhattan. Tension has been running high between the unhappy couple for months, with Deadpool neglecting his wife for The Avengers and her taking extra-marital lovers to stave off loneliness but until now they've coped but an invasion from below might be the straw that breaks the werewolf's back.

Gerry Duggan and Salva Espin will handle the two issues of the main Deadpool title, while Joshua Corin and Scott Koblish --- two creators very acquainted with the character --- will handle Deadpool/Spider-Man. According to editor Jordan D. White, the initial plan was for Cullen Bunn to stay aboard Deadpool and the Mercs For Money during the crossover, but with work on the likes of Monsters Unleashed and X-Men Blue, Christopher Hastings will step in for two issues with regular penciller Iban Coello.

The covers for the crossover will be pencilled by Shiklah's co-creator Reilly Brown and form two triptychs across the two months of the event. Judging by the three unveiled covers for March, the event is going to be jam-packed with guest-stars and cameos including everyone's favorite werewolf centaur symbiote, Marcus.

"Til Death Do Us...” begins in March with Deadpool #28. Check out ComicBook.com's interview with Duggan and White for more information.


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