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All's Fair In Love And War In Next Year's 'Deadpool' Crossover
Over the course of a number of volumes, annuals and miniseries, Gerry Duggan and his collaborators have turned Deadpool into one of the most tightly plotted and rewarding superhero titles on the stands. Next March, the running tension between Deadpool and his wife Shiklah will finally reach a boiling point as the Queen of Monster Metropolis stakes a claim on the surface world, and it's up to Wade, Spider-Man, and The Mercs For Money to stop her.
Marvel NOW Line-Up Reveals New Titles, New Teams
Marvel’s reveal of its Marvel NOW line of comics set for release in the wake of Civil War II has taken the form of a steady drip of announcements over the past week and a half, but now news is flooding in, and not all from official sources. Leaked scans of this week's Marvel NOW Previews magazine revealing the publisher's line-up for October and beyond have hit the internet via sites such as Reddit and 4chan. We’ve rounded up all the information we could find to give you a sense of the new landscape of the Marvel Universe this fall.
'Deadpool' Artist Reilly Brown Seeking Aid Following Fire
To say the last week has been a rollercoaster for Deadpool artist Reilly Brown is somewhat of an understatement. As one of the most prominent Deadpool artists of the 21st century, he got to witness one of his co-creations, Bob: Agent of HYDRA immortalized on the silver screen. Bigger even than that, and only days before the release of the Deadpool film, he and his wife Shawna welcomed their son William into the world. Unfortunately, everything turned on its head in the worst way this past Saturday, when a fire several building down from his apartment complex spread and the new family was forced to evacuate. Luckily, the flames did very little damage to his apartment, but the smoke damage is extensive and the Brown family need help cleaning and reclaiming what they can salvage, as well as replacing the possessions they can’t.
Photo Gallery: The Creators of San Diego Comic-Con, Part 1
Among the colorful cosplay, massive booths, interactive displays and walls of merchandise at Comic-Con International in San Diego — colloquially known as SDCC — remains the most important component of the show: comic book creators. ComicsAlliance photographer and Loikiamania podcast host Pat Loika hit the show floor to catch the men and women who tell our favorite stories in sequential art and captured the enthusiasm that comes from fans getting to meet their favorite storytellers at one of the biggest conventions of the year. Check back with ComicsAlliance throughout the weekend for more of Pat's great photos from San Diego.
Fred Van Lente And Reilly Brown Talk 'Saint George' And The Fine Art of Dragon-Slaying [Interview]
Depending on your religious upbringing, geography and love of stories where dudes kill monsters and rescue princesses from certain death, you may already be passingly familiar with the story of Saint George, the holy soldier who put an end to dragons and was canonized for it. This November, though, Fred Van Lente and Reilly Brown are teaming up to pick up where the legend leaves off in the pages o
Harry Potter And Yoda Throw Up Their Fists In Reilly Brown’s Art
Reilly Brown has been showing everyone how well he can draw good old fashioned brawls and smirks since he first began contributing to Cable and Deadpool, and probably to a lesser extent even before that. Currently, he's collaborating with Return of the Dapper Men writer Jim McCann on Chaos War: Alpha Flight, and it's worth noting that any character he touches gets a little more bad-ass... Read M
Sidekick to Hero to God: Prince of Power #4 [Review]
Amadeus Cho finally got a chance to step into the spotlight with his own miniseries in "Prince of Power." Written by Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente, with art by Reilly Brown and Adam Archer, the series concluded with its fourth issue this week and set the stage for the upcoming events of the "Chaos War" cross-title event...