To say the last week has been a rollercoaster for Deadpool artist Reilly Brown is somewhat of an understatement. As one of the most prominent Deadpool artists of the 21st century, he got to witness one of his co-creations, Bob: Agent of HYDRA immortalized on the silver screen. Bigger even than that, and only days before the release of the Deadpool film, he and his wife Shawna welcomed their son William into the world.

Unfortunately, everything turned on its head in the worst way this past Saturday, when a fire several building down from his apartment complex spread and the new family was forced to evacuate. Luckily, the flames did very little damage to his apartment, but the smoke damage is extensive and the Brown family need help cleaning and reclaiming what they can salvage, as well as replacing the possessions they can’t.

In his blog post, Brown thanks the Hoboken Fire Department, and credits his landlord’s decision to install a firewall between building for minimizing the damage, but Brown notes that a lot of their possessions, especially everything that belongs to the baby, will have to be wholly replaced.

Almost all of our belongings were saturated in smoke, and although some things can be cleaned, a lot of things can’t be, like most of our clothes, books, and anything that belongs to the baby. It’s not healthy to have a newborn in contact with that kind of third-hand smoke.

Honestly, when I saw the fire burning only feet away from our own apartment, I’d written the whole place off, so anything that we can recover I count as a blessing. Shawna and Will are safe, and that’s the most important thing.

While the family's insurance will help, it won’t be enough to cover everything that comes next, from cleaning, to replacing and, most importantly, moving. If you would like to help Reilly Brown and his family, you can purchase original art through his art dealer, commission him for an upcoming convention, or visit his Gumroad store where you can buy his convention sketchbooks at a pay-what-you want rate.

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