Reilly Brown has been showing everyone how well he can draw good old fashioned brawls and smirks since he first began contributing to Cable and Deadpool, and probably to a lesser extent even before that. Currently, he's collaborating with Return of the Dapper Men writer Jim McCann on Chaos War: Alpha Flight, and it's worth noting that any character he touches gets a little more bad-ass.
Whether he's displaying Captain America and Iron Man locked into an arm-wrestling match or Harry Potter and Hermione getting ready to shoot some magic out of their wands, he knows how to lay some personality on his subjects without muting an impending sense of danger, and you can find evidence of that talent over on his deviantART account.

In addition to crafting a pretty mean Yoda, he's also drawn a Kitty Pryde and Colossus portrait there that should warm your heart for the holidays. Check out our highlight reel below and challenge yourself not want him on a Deadpool/Gravity miniseries.

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