Harry Potter And Yoda Throw Up Their Fists In Reilly Brown’s Art
Reilly Brown has been showing everyone how well he can draw good old fashioned brawls and smirks since he first began contributing to Cable and Deadpool, and probably to a lesser extent even before that. Currently, he's collaborating with Return of the Dapper Men writer Jim McCann on Chaos War: Alpha Flight, and it's worth noting that any character he touches gets a little more bad-ass... Read M
Sidekick to Hero to God: Prince of Power #4 [Review]
Amadeus Cho finally got a chance to step into the spotlight with his own miniseries in "Prince of Power." Written by Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente, with art by Reilly Brown and Adam Archer, the series concluded with its fourth issue this week and set the stage for the upcoming events of the "Chaos War" cross-title event...